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about us

Inner Groove Brewing was built in the minds of two husband and wife teams after many years of brewing, tasting, trading, and traveling the country (and abroad) for unique brews. The two families came together to build their dream and share their passions for craft beer and experiences with PA. Wanting to provide a unique and exceptional customer experience to go along with the craft beer that they are so proud of, you will find something here for everyone.  

All of the beers are created, cultivated, and crafted on the premises. The recipes are "brewed up" in the minds of brewers, Tim Melle and Kevin Walzer. Tasting, criticizing, suggesting, and even brewing from time to time themselves, are their wives Kelly Melle and Jennifer Walzer. 

Why Verona?

After searching far and wide for the right home for the brewery, the team stumbled into the little town of Verona, PA. Feeling like they found a hidden gem in the building and the town, Inner Groove Brewing had a home. The closer they got to buying the building the more it became clear how perfect Verona was going to be for the brewery. "This quaint, walk-able town is exactly what we have been looking for." say the ladies. Verona is being seen by many as the next revitalized Pittsburgh town and Inner Groove is excited to see who will move in next. Already part of this revitalization making Verona a night-out "destination" is a Cider and Meadery and another up and coming Brewery. You will want to see what all this buzz is about. 

Why Inner Groove? What does it mean?

While tasting beers (or several) the Melle's and Walzer's started to appreciate Kevin's obsession with vinyl records. They became a staple during the weekly gatherings. Beers just didn't taste as good without a vintage tune, and some off-key karaoke. Merging these elements seemed natural.

Back in the days of vinyl records, bands started to place hidden tracks, messages, and stamping on what is known as the "inner groove" or "run off groove" on a vinyl record. The Beatles popularized the use of the inner groove to excite loyal fans when they inserted a brief audio track on side two of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. A perfect fit for Inner Groove Brewing to re-create this idea into a brewery concept to provide an experience of hidden talents, tastes, and turntable tunes.


The brewery

Inner Groove Brewing is committed to making a difference in our local communities and providing a warm and welcoming destination for everyone to gather with friends new and old. You will find unique, nightly vinyl and pop culture themed activities in the tap room with a rotating selection of craft beer styles that will keep you guessing what is coming next.  While Inner Groove Brewing is not a restaurant, there will be snacks or small bites as well as a rotating food truck schedule. BYOF (Bring your own food) or ordering in from a local restaurant will also be welcome.

Dogs are welcome outside on the back patio or at the front cafe table area. 

Don't take our word for it, Go check it out for yourself and say hello to Tim, Kevin, Kelly and Jen!

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